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Just Reach Out and Touch Someone: QOL

A number of questions therefore arise. First, who should bear the onus for optimizing a patient’s QOL during the pretransplant waiting period? Can we do more than pulmonary rehabilitation alone? And last, what is the magnitude of this burden? With regard to the latter question, as of June 2000 there were 3,691 patients on the […]

Just Reach Out and Touch Someone: HRQOL

The issue of HRQOL is of particular importance in lung transplant candidates for a number of reasons. First, when subjecting patients to a procedure with a potential 1-year mortality rate of approximately 24%, it is incumbent on the clinician to present this option in the context of the impact on posttransplant survival as well as […]

Just Reach Out and Touch Someone

Lung transplantation is an accepted therapeutic option for patients who have a number of end-stage pulmonary diseases. In calendar year 1999, the United Network for Organ Sharing reported1 that 877 lung transplants and 49 heart-lung transplants had been performed in the United States alone, with a waiting list of 3,491 persons. During the same time […]

Just Reach Out and Touch Someone: Transplant

Frequently, patients on the transplant list are, to an extent, accepting of their lot, while pinning all their hopes on the promise of a transplant. While languishing on the list, they are in a sense in “lung limbo land.” Not only do they have to deal with the physical and psychological aspects of their end-stage […]