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Generic Medications: Essence Understanding

Nowadays, Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy points out that the Internet has become an “online consultant” for solving many intimate male problems. Before visiting a doctor, a potential patient will independently learn all the details about his “disorder”, learn methods of treatment and he will “appoint” himself a treatment, relying on testimonies of people who have experienced the same thing, and who have been healed with the help of medications.

Statistics of search queries shows that thousands of people have requested “erectile dysfunction treatment”, “impotence”, “buy Viagra online”, “buy generics”, “generic Viagra”, etc.

Already in advance, before making an order, a person finds information about the effect of the desired drug on body and estimated cost. For example, brand Viagra perfectly improves erectile function but its cost is too high. Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy – – offers you the same Viagra but at the lowest price. But how is it possible?

Let’s clear up all these questions and finally understand for ourselves what are the generics.Generic Medications-Best Way to Get Effective Treatment

Generic Drugs – What Are They?

Generic drugs are medications with proven pharmaceutical, biological and therapeutic equivalence to the original. That is, medications having the same composition of active substances, dosage and effectiveness, as well as original preparations, but not having patent protection.

Generic drugs exist for every drug. Some drugs have a few dozen.

A pharmaceutical company that receives a patent for a new drug spends a great deal of money and years of time on various studies in chemical and biological laboratories, testing and advertising. The performance includes hundreds and thousands of people whose work requires expenses. Finally, a patent for a period of 10-25 years is obtained. The drug is manufactured and sold all over the world.

When this period ends, any pharmaceutical company can legally issue a generic (analog) drug, assign it its name and set a price. At the same time, it no longer needs to allocate funds for all of the mentioned above. Ready technologies, advertising, etc. give the opportunity to release medicine without significant costs. For example, many of the known Viagra generics are Sildenafil, Viagra Professional, Viagra Soft Tabs, Kamagra, and other similar drugs produced by different firms producers for erectile dysfunction treatment. The form of release at the same time can also be different: tablets, gels, ointments, etc., but they all have in their composition the same active substance. All these medications are available and in-stock in Caadian Neighbor Pharmacy.

Currently, generics, we are talking about drugs in Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy, enjoy incredible demand around the world. It is so incredible that manufacturers of branded drugs have themselves joined generics issue, seeing the huge profits that sell them. At the same time, they exercise strict control over generic production.

Therefore, generic Viagra, Cialis and Levitra presented by Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy are drugs that have the same therapeutic effect as expensive brands.Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy generics

Generic manufacturers do not have the right to make tablets of the same shape and color as the brand has. However, the consumer should know that the main active substance is always written on the package.

The main ingredient of all Cialis generics – Tadalafil, Levitra – Vardenafil. There are medications 2 in 1 – pills with dapoxetine, which prevents premature ejaculation.

Copies of Medications – Generics Production

Generics manufacture by all the rules is not available to every manufacturer. In addition, some dishonest companies violate patent protection: they release their drug under the same name, simultaneously with continuing brand drug release, and sell it at the same price as brand medication has. At the same time, the active ingredient of these and other medications is the same, therefore they affect organism in the same way.

Only the legal aspect looks ugly, but it does not have to worry the consumer, because he buys a really high-quality product.

All the generics that sell online pharmacies are licensed copies of expensive brand drugs. Here, from a legal point of view, everything is fine, since they all have a different name and price. Generics are produced according to the same technology with the brand, absence of even one patented component immediately deprives the drug of the titleGeneric“.

What is a Genuine Fake?

Until a person do not take medication and feel its effect on body, he may not guess that he bought a fake. Look carefully at the package. It should be without flaws. There should not be any dents and pads. Under the name of the drug required to be indicated the main active ingredient, manufacturing company and expiration date.

When you buy a genuine fake, you “will be lucky” if you buy “dummy” pill, that is, inside the tablet there will be an ordinary chalk or talc.