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Impetigo as a Skin Disease Treated by Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy’ Preparations

ImpetigoImpetigo is skin disease which is caused by streptococcus and staphylococcus. Most often it meets in children’s groupings as the organism of any child cannot so effectively resist to infections as the adult’s organism. Besides, children communicate among themselves more actively and exchange various things that also promotes fast spread of disease. At impetigo diagnosis statement treatment has to be appointed as soon as possible as the infection gives complications on internals, causes kidneys and cardiovascular system diseases.

It is necessary to refer micro injuries to the major provocative factors, skin maceration, entrance in an organism of pathogenic strains of coccus. Depending on the reason, impetigo in children is subdivided on primary and secondary. In the latter case the infection is a consequence of dermatosis, itches, eczema or pediculosis complication.

Now physicians allocate the streptococcal, staphylococcal and mixed forms of infection.

Streptococcal impetigo is the illness beginning with formation of follicles which slightly tower over a skin surface, have the sizes of two to ten mm and are surrounded with a narrow rim of red color. Rashes can be both scattered, and dense in separate groups. At early stages contents of follicles are transparent, but further it grows turbid and after a while dries up, forming light yellow crusts. After their falling off there are only small, pigmentless spots.

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Staphylococcal impetigo is manifested in the form of inflammatory process which affects hair follicles. A characteristic symptom of staphylococcal impetigo is formation of a set of pustulation on hairy sites of skin. They are surrounded with a pinkish border and grow to five mm. in the diameter. At easy forms of an infection contents of pustulation quickly dry, leaving behind a yellow crust which disappears in some days. If the impetigo is diagnosed for children deep staphylococcal, treatment has to be immediate as pustulations bring to the child pain, and after their opening and healing there are noticeable scars.

Mixed impetigo arises at simultaneous existence in the organism both streptococcal and staphylococcal infection. At such form contents of pustulation happen both transparent, and purulent, and the crusts formed after opening they are more massive, than at pure types of the infection. Mixed impetigo at children and adults settles down usually on face, but quite often pathological process affects also skin of other body parts.

In most cases the infection proceeds without any complications and will quite respond to out-patient treatment. The main tactics thus is the refusal of washing of the damaged skin areas and use of various medical ointments and disinfecting solutions. New pustulations are opened right after emergence. Then they are processed by brilliant green and ointments which constituent part are antibiotics. It is necessary to repeat this procedure on an extent of seven to ten days three four times per day up to a total disappearance. The bandage skin isn’t applied. After the treatment termination, the damaged sites regularly are processed by alcohol for prevention of disease recurrence.

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