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People in America Enjoy Increasing Access to Medicines and Save Money Thanks to Online Pharmacies

More and more people in the US are missing medication intake. Due to high cost of prescription drugs, many people in America face a tough choice between meeting their need for medication and paying for basic needs of life such as renting a home or eating. Often, because of high cost of medications, many people neglect their intake, which endangers themselves or, at least, reduces overall effectiveness of other drugs.

Recent studies conducted by Commonwealth Foundation reported the following alarming statistics:

  • in 2012, approximately 50 million Americans, aged 19 to 64, did not take prescribed medicines because of their high cost;
  • in 2014, statistics showed 35 million people who refused to take medication for the same reason;
  • in 2015, the number of Americans who missed their medications, decreased by another 12%.

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What Influenced Such Positive Dynamics?

It is assumed that several factors contributed to such changes: creation of Obamacare program, whose main task is to reform healthcare system and protect patients, namely, introduction of obligation for US citizens to purchase health insurance if they are not insured (while subsidies are provided to poor people), as well as to improve conditions for medical insurance to already having insurance citizens;

Online Pharmacies in America Help People Get Necessary Medicines

Another factor is role of international online pharmacies (including Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy) that appeared not so long ago and offer free access to medicines.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently reported that two percent of Americans rely on online pharmacies to buy drugs they need at a lower price. These are people who theoretically would not have access to medicine if they were unable to order medications from these sellers.

How Safe Are Online Pharmacies?

Unfortunately, along with honest online pharmacies, there is an increasing number of dishonest, unscrupulous online pharmacies that engage in fraud, deceiving people and selling counterfeit medicines. Therefore, it is very important to have knowledge in this area for potential customers of online pharmacies. If you are one of the millions of people in America who are wondering if they can afford to buy medicines in an online pharmacy, then you can be sure that Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy guarantees you medicines in America from manufacturers and with delivery to any address.